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Delicious food.....srsly.

Baking is srs bsns.

Delicious food...srsly.
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The Blog+
I had originally posted my recipes and picture in my personal journal, but wanted more attention to share them with more people. So I created srsly_delicious as a place to keep my recipes organized and share them with everyone. It's also a way for me to figure out how to use all those fancy (ha) settings on my camera (shaky hands are the bane of my existence currently). This blog does contain trace amounts of sarcasm, snark and lolcat, so you should probably leave if you're allergic to those things.
The Food+
I come from a family of cooks so it seemed only natural that I should also take up pot and spoon, don my colander helmet and charge into battle. Except it was more like I mistakenly stumbled onto the battlefield and I'm just wandering around doing my thing while foie gras and caviar whiz overhead. Damn, that was a long metaphor thing. Basically I make the food I like, when I like, how I like. It's simple stuff and anybody can cook it if they're willing to give it a try. If you're looking for some sort of fancy-pants chef, I'm not it. Now get out of my kitchen before I club you with a meatloaf.
The Girl+
I'm awesome, or at least I've been told I'm awesome. They could have been lying to me so I wouldn't kick them in the shin or something, but I like to think it's true. I'm also sarcastic, rude, barely able use proper grammar and I sparkle in the sun. One of those things is a lie.
I write normal everyday life stuff on my personal journal ninjasushi. You're welcome to friend me there if you feel like knowing way more about me than you ever really wanted.
The Rules+
Rules tend to be way more trouble than they're worth, so I'll keep it simple.
*Don't be an asshat.
*If you decide to use my pictures/recipes somewhere else on the interwebs (which I doubt you would, but then again people do odd things) please comment so I know you're doing this. Also credit back to this community.

That's pretty much it.
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All recipes are MINE unless otherwise noted.

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